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Representative Guests:

• Gillian Flynn, mystery author: “Dark Places”, “Sharp Objects” and “Gone Girl”
• Dr. Tomas Halik, philosopher, psychologist, priest and human rights activist, Prague, Czech Republic, author “Patience with God” and “Night of a Confessor”, and 2014 winner of the Templeton Award
• Lynne Olson, author of “Those Angry Days”, “Troublesome Young Men” and “Citizens of London”
• Patricia Polacco, author and illustrator of scores of children’s books, international lecturer and teacher
• Robert Hellenga, author: including “The Sixteen Pleasures” and “Fall of a Sparrow”
• Bonnie Jo Campbell, author, “American Salvage” finalist for the 2009 National Book Award
• Tom Butler, author, lecturer on environmental issues; “Wildlands Philanthropy: A Great American Tradition”
• Paula Nangle, Watervliet author: “The Leper Compound”
• Nicholas Delbanco, author, “Spring and Fall”, “The Count of Concord”, University of Michigan professor
• Kathryn Scanland, author and business consultant
• Alex Kotlowicz, author and journalist; “No Children Here”, “The Other Side of the River”
• David Wise, author, adventure novels
• Suzanne Snider, historian, author and professor at the New University, New York City
• David Dempsey, author, environmentalist and former State of Michigan public official
• Lucinda Hahn, editor, Lake Magazine
• Annalisa Cox, author “A Stronger Kinship”, and historian
• Jack Fuller, author, “Abbeville” and former Editor in Chief and President of the Chicago Tribune
• Stacey Sauter, author: “One False Move”, “Immaculate Deception”
• Jill Culby, author of 58 romance novels and member of Romance Writers’ Hall of Fame
• Tania Aebi, author “Maiden Voyage”, sailed around the world alone as a teen-ager
• Bob Wolf, “Voices from the Heartland”, chronicler of America
• Scott Sparling, “Wire to Wire”, Michigan author
• Anne Fortier, Danish/Canadian author, “Juliet,” “The Lost Sisterhood” and documentarian on the Russo-Finnish War
• Elizabeth Kerlikowske, poet and English professor
• Patricia Gibson, Watervliet author, “The Red Skirt”, memoir of an ex-nun
• Jonathan Eig, author, “Get Capone”
• Lorraine Hanover, author, “I am Alice”
• Blue Bailliet, author of mysteries for middle schoolers, Chicago
• Phil Brooks, author of “How the Forward Pass Saved Football”
• Anne Irgens Vandermolen, author of “She That Remains”
• John Schmidt, author of “The Mayor who Reformed Chicago” and “Day to Day in Chicago History”
• Mary Lesch, editor of “Chief O'Neill's Sketchy Recollections of an Eventful Life in Chicago”
• Renee Rosen, author of “What the Lady Wants” historical novel about Marshall Field of Chicago
• Anna Clark, literary activist in New Detroit and author/compiler of books on Michigan and Detroit

• Andrea Hutchins, architect and triathlete
• Greg Marx, former Football All-American defensive lineman, University of Notre Dame
• Muffett McGraw, Head Coach, University of Notre Dame women’s basketball team and 3 co-captains
• Jerry Welsh: 20 year coach of Ohio State University Hockey team
• Richard “Digger” Phelps: former head coach, Notre Dame men’s basketball, now ESPN, and author
• Jon Brinker, triathlete and coach of triathletes
• Vikki Armstrong, Modern Pentathlon competitor for the US and the UK and health consultant

Media Art:
• Richard Hunt, Sculptor
• Elizabeth Nuti, painter
• Randall Higden, landscape artist
• Amanda Martin-Katz, outdoor sculptor
• Anastasia Makarenko, painter and musician from the Ukraine
• Jill Underhill, sculptor

Performance art:
• Greta Pope, jazz and opera singer
• Christine Steyer, soprano, Chicago Lyric Opera
• Al Nuti, actor
• Bob Swan, actor, opera impresario
• Bonnie Koloc, folk singer
• The Other Three Tenors: operatic singers
• Josh McClain, jazz musician
• Corky Siegel, “chamber blues” composer, performer and singer
• Gail Isaacson and Dave Repetto, playwright and radio activists
• James Braly, one-man show comedian/commentator, “Life in a Marital Institution”
• Deborrah Wyndham, pianist, singer, composer

• Professor Conrad Smidt, director of Political Science Department, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
• Roger Frost, retired professor of Pharmacy, Berkhamsted, England, UK
• Dr. Frank Bonn, PhD in History and college professor
• Professor Deborah Haarsma, Professor of Astronomy, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
• John Cox, English Professor, Hope College, Shakespearian scholar
• Deirdre Guthrie, anthropology professor and yoga devotee
• John Corkery, Dean, John Marshall Law School, Chicago

Law, politics and government:
• Abner Mikva, former White House Chief of Staff for President Clinton
• Jim Thompson, longest serving Governor of Illinois, Thompson Commission
• Robert Mueller, second longest Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
• Brett Witkowski, Berrien County Treasurer, St. Joseph
• John Fields, United Nations judge: War Crimes Court in Kosovo
• Charles Greenleaf, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Vice President George H. W. Bush
• United States Congressman Fred Upton, Chairman of the US House Commerce and Technology Committee
• Michigan Attorneys General :
• Mike Cox
• Bill Schuette
• Michigan Secretary of State Terry Land
• Chief United States District Judge Paul Maloney
• Berrien County Prosecuting Attorney Art Cotter
• Larry Frankle, attorney and political activist
• Carol Stockman, lifetime political activist
• Don Bleich, trial lawyer
• Al Mingo, Chief of Police, Benton Harbor, MI
• Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey
• Hon. Ronald J. Taylor, Judge and USAID legal advisor to Egypt
• Michigan State Trial court judges:
• Thomas Nelson
• Sterling Schrock
• Dennis Wiley
• Angela Pasula
• John Dewane
• Mabel Mayfield
• William Buhl
• Dennis Wiley
• Michigan State Senators Tanya Schuitmaker and Ron Jelinek
• Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, candidate for Governor of Michigan
• Chris Siebenmark, Michigan state Senate staffer and local elected official
• Sharon Cooper, US Department of Defense Executive Director, Defense Human Resources Activity
• Michael Dunne and Curt Benson, law professors and hosts of “The Lawyers” WOOD radio Grand Rapids
• Panel on Berrien County Criminal Justice: Judge Gary Bruce, Prosecutor Art Cotter and Defense Attorney Tat Parish
• Joseph Harris, Emergency Manager, City of Benton Harbor, MI
• Daniel LaVille: Chief Clerk, Bankruptcy Court, Grand Rapids, MI.
• Mary Hill: Chief Librarian, Lincoln Township Public Library, Stevensville, MI
• The Higgins Sisters, teen-aged political activists
• Kari Kietzer, civilian contractor, NATO military forces in Afghanistan, Anti-Corruption effort

• Don Alsbro, founder, Lest We Forget (organization for study of World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq conflicts)
• Carol Line, Executive Director, Fernwood Nature Center
• Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget McCormick, University of Michigan Innocence Clinic
• Maria Rossner, Berrien County director, Autism Awareness
• Jean Brokish, Nature Conservancy
• Linda Beushausen, Executive Director, Hospice at Home for Southwest Michigan
• Angie Lavanway, Head of Berrien chapter of American Red Cross
• Lisa Bartosik, Executive Director, Lori’s Place (Grieving Center)
• Jerry Sirk, national Emergency Response Coordinator, American Red Cross
• Michael Green, head of Habitat for Humanity, Benton Harbor, MI
• Michael Seng, Law professor and Fair Housing activist
• Susan Gilbert, Executive Director, Southwestern Michigan League of Women Voters
• Dr. Holly Shaffer, veterinarian and animal advocate
• Doug Tjapkes, founder and head of Humanity for Prisoners
• Peg Kohring: national land purchaser for The Nature Conservancy
• Theresa Green, Berrien County Public Health Department
• Hannah Darnton, career in Non-Governmental Organizations
• Jill McGaughen, campaigner for environmental causes, e.g. fighting the Asian Carp
• Tiffany Butzbaugh, organizer of volunteer effort to reopen the Benton Harbor High School Library
• Patricia Panozzo, Local Food Movement and Illinois farmer
• Madeleine Philbin, Midwest Director, Catholic Relief Services
• Beth Spitzley, Physical Therapist, Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, MI
• Dr. Judy Munson, Chicago and Prague, health coordinator for governments in mass catastrophes
• Mary Dunbar, Executive Director of The Pokagon Fund, foundation for municipal grants
• Shirley Myers, regional coordinator and advocate for Burning Man

• Carol Marin, Chicago TV anchorwoman and investigative journalist
• Ron Magers, Chicago TV anchorman and political commentator
• Breda O’Brien, columnist for the Irish Times, Dublin, radio personality and lecturer in Europe
• Henry Erb and Ken Kolker: Investigative reporters, WOOD TV, Grand Rapids
• Chuck Osborne, award-winning news photographer, Chicago Tribune
• Pavel Palecek: documentarian, author and political activist, Brno, Czech Republic
• Richard Cooper, Washington DC Bureau, Los Angeles Times and author
• Martin Dzuris, refugee from Czechoslovakia and radio talk show host
• Lester Munson, national legal investigator, ESPN
• Enid Goldstein, former California TV and radio personality
• Rick Erwin, Chicago video documentarian

• David Whitwam, retired CEO, Whirlpool Corporation
• Allen Turner, Pritzker Foundation and Chairman of the Board, Columbia College, Chicago, IL
• Wendy Dant-Chesser, Executive Director, Cornerstone Alliance, Benton Harbor, MI
• Kim Clark and David Fink, co-founders of The Acorn Theater, Three Oaks, MI
• Robin Allen, proprietor of Forever Books, St. Joseph, MI
• Paul Landek, president, Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant
• Jennifer and Jon Vickers, head of Cinema Arts School, University of Indiana, Bloomington
• Carolyn Drier, Drier’s Meats, Three Oaks
• Meghan McCausland: Michigan Works!
• Bilicz, refugees from 1956 Hungarian revolt and American restauranteurs
• Terry Johnson, inventor and businessman
• Dion Globensky, Tim’s Restaurant, Union Pier, MI
• Vivian May, restauranteur, Union Pier, MI
• Tom Lowry, Lowry Books, Three Rivers, MI, 3rd largest used book store in Michigan

Miscellaneous personalities:
• Dorothy Stout, British Intelligence Service during WWII
• Bob Myers, MI Berrien County historian
• Chief Rainbow Eagle, Native American shaman